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Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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You may wonder how to extend Rhode Island unemployment insurance if you are a resident close to the end of your benefit period. At times, the federal or state governments establish an unemployment benefits extension program. However, there is currently no unemployment benefits extension program available to job seekers in the state.

But if you are interested in learning how to get an unemployment extension when they become available in Rhode Island, we’ve provided helpful information below.

  • Learn About Requesting an Unemployment Benefits Extension in Rhode Island
  • Past Unemployment Extension Programs in Rhode Island
  • Learn About Unemployment Extension Alternatives 

Rhode Island Unemployment Resources

Learn About the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island unemployment compensation extension undertaking was called the Extended Benefits (EB) program. This program provided unemployment claimants with up to 20 additional weeks of benefits. Extended Benefits cannot be received indefinitely.

The state can activate the extension if it reached a certain unemployment rate. Presently, the unemployment rate in Rhode Island is too low for anyone to receive these extended benefits.

If you are already receiving Rhode Island unemployment benefits, you may automatically receive an unemployment extension from the federal government if you qualify. You are allowed to file claims until the program expires. However, you must continue to meet the qualifications for unemployment set by your home state.

Past Unemployment Extension Programs in Rhode Island

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program temporarily gave qualified workers additional weeks of unemployment payment in 2008, but it expired in 2013. The EUC program was intended to provide unemployed workers with additional unemployment insurance funds during the Great Recession, but as the unemployment rate fell, government officials deemed the program unnecessary and expensive.

And in 2020, the federal government initiated the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, which ended in 2021.

Learn About Unemployment Extension Alternatives

Since there is no way to procure an unemployment compensation extension currently, the tips below may be able to help you:

  • Have you considered taking a career development seminar? Sometimes, unemployment recipients are required to participate in activities like this. Not complying will result in getting unemployment benefits denied. These courses are offered free by the state of Rhode Island, and they are held at Career Centers across the state. If you attend one of these seminars, a representative from the Department of Labor and Training will actually help you look for a job. If you attend one of these seminars, the state will give you a free work contact credit for the week.
  • Registering with a temp agency can be helpful if you are unable to get an unemployment extension. These agencies help workers find temporary employment based on their current skill set and educational background. Many times, these temporary positions have the potential to turn into full-time if an employee performs exceptional work.
  • The state may recommend that you take a job that does not meet your exact specifications, such as with lower pay or rank. If your benefits are running out, working a temporary job may be unavoidable until you can find the right position.

Last Updated: March 1, 2023