Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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North Carolina unemployment benefits claims are for qualified unemployed and underemployed workers. In order to claim unemployment benefits in North Carolina, residents must meet the state’s eligibility requirements. Qualified unemployment applicants can claim unemployment benefits in NC through the Division of Employment Security (DES).

We have compiled helpful information, hints, and tips about claiming unemployment benefits in North Carolina on this website and FAQs and our free guide. Learn more about unemployment benefits in North Carolina by reading below, checking out our North Carolina FAQs, and reading our free guide.

Learn About Unemployment Benefits in North Carolina

Some of the conditions to apply for an unemployment benefits claim include actively seeking new employment opportunities, being monetarily eligible and being out of work due to no fault of their own.

Generally, unemployment applicants must be prepared to provide standard personal identification information as well as details about their work history during the application process. Some information that claims applicants must have include:

  • Dates of their previous employment.
  • Their previous pay rate.
  • Their reason for employment separation.
  • The names and contact information of their employers.

The DES may request a mandatory employability assessment interview in person. Claim applicants must register on the NC Works website prior to the appointment and bring photo identification and an updated work search record to the interview. Failure to appear for the interview, to register for NC Works employment services and to provide a work search record can result in the denial of benefits.

After applying for unemployment in North Carolina, unemployment applicants must continue to certify for weekly compensation benefits. Weekly certification is required even for the first unpaid waiting week and while eligibility is still being determined. Unemployment applicants may need to claim unemployment benefits for weeks before their first payment.

Learn About Filing a Claim in North Carolina

Unemployment claims applicants can file for UI benefits by applying online or phoning the DES call center during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday until Friday. Qualified applicants should equip themselves with the information needed to complete the unemployment registration application.

After applying for unemployment in North Carolina, applicants need to claim unemployment benefits weekly in order to continue receiving the compensation. Again, unemployment claim applicants can certify online or by phone.

Unemployment claimants can claim unemployment benefits online or by calling the dedicated weekly certification phone line. Claimants can complete the weekly certification starting on Sunday – the day after the initial claim week is over – until 14 days after the initial claim week.

Failure to claim unemployment benefits will result in a forfeit of that week’s benefits, and you will be required to reopen your claim. Those who allow this lapse will have another nonpaid waiting week, just like with a new claim.

The earlier in the week claimants complete their weekly certification, the sooner their benefits are processed. Claimants certifying online can claim unemployment benefits any day of the week. Former workers claiming unemployment benefits by phone can follow the below schedule:

  • If your Social Security Number ends with an odd number, call Monday.
  • If your Social Security Number ends with an even number, call Tuesday.
  • Anyone can call Wednesday through Sunday.

Note: All certifications (by phone or online) must be completed between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight.

How Long You May Receive Benefits in North Carolina

To continue to be eligible to claim unemployment benefits weekly, UI claimants must register to work on the North Carolina Works website. Unemployment benefit applicants without access to the internet can sign up at local NC Works career centers.

In addition to signing up for state-sponsored employment services, unemployment applicants must keep a record of their job search efforts. Claimants may utilize the DES work search form or an alternate written record.

The DES may request these records at any time, including years later, for an audit. Overall, the record must include:

  • How and when you contacted a potential employer.
  • The employer’s name and address or website.

North Carolina provides qualified unemployment claimants with up to 13 weeks of regular unemployment benefits. Those who have exhausted their regular UI benefits are not currently eligible for an unemployment benefits extension, as the state unemployment rate is too low to activate an emergency extension program.

Learn About North Carolina Unemployment Benefits and Federal Income Taxes

All state and federal unemployment benefits are taxable in North Carolina. Thus, unemployment claimants can choose to have taxes automatically withheld from their unemployment compensation payments.

From the website, qualified claimants can make changes to their tax withholding amount, including stopping it altogether. While the DES will take out 10 percent for federal income taxes, unemployment claimants can choose the percentage deducted for state taxes.

The DES suggests withholding six, seven or eight percent. The state will send each unemployment claimant the form 1099 for tax-filing purposes.

Last Updated: February 28, 2023