Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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Applying for South Dakota unemployment insurance is easy if you know all the requirements. When the candidate attempts to apply for unemployment benefits, it is important not to fill out anything incorrectly, because this could result in automatic denial. There are several options a candidate can employ to file for unemployment in SD. Discover where to register for unemployment benefits, get guidance on the process and more.

Find more information about how to file for an unemployment claim in the following sections:

  • How can I sign up for unemployment in South Dakota?
  • Where to sign up for unemployment in South Dakota
  • How to apply for unemployment online in South Dakota
  • What are the requirements of the weekly unemployment certification in South Dakota?
  • What could disqualify my unemployment claim in South Dakota?
  • Can I appeal if my unemployment claim is denied in South Dakota?

South Dakota Unemployment Resources

How can I sign up for unemployment in South Dakota?

To file an unemployment claim, applicants must have access to a telephone or internet connection. In South Dakota, unemployment applications must be completed only by those receiving the benefits. Before starting the SD online application for unemployment, it is recommended to double-check all of the requirements and make sure you are eligible before applying. Applicants must have a Social Security number, some form of official ID and a current mailing address. Claimants will have to show documentation for their pay, in addition to the former employer’s location and contact information. To keep unemployment registration current and active, recipients must show an honest effort to find a new job. Beneficiaries of unemployment insurance coverage in South Dakota must keep accurate records of these attempts to find work to prevent denial of benefits, starting with the applicant’s first weekly certification.

Where to Sign Up for Unemployment in South Dakota

Regarding where to apply for unemployment, there is no physical location in which to file a claim. For the claimant’s convenience, a South Dakota unemployment EDD application can opt between the automated telephone or internet claim filing system.

How to Apply for Unemployment Online in South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation’s website allows claimants to complete the online application for unemployment both initially and on a weekly basis. The website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If applicants see a message saying it is unavailable, try waiting two hours before trying the system again.

Once a petitioner has verified all of the information and has submitted the unemployment registration application, he or she will receive a letter in the mail with the “Notice of Monetary Determination.” This letter shows the recipient’s base wages and weekly benefit amount. Be on the lookout for other notices from South Dakota job programs which require mandatory participation. Beneficiaries might have to register or attend an appointment to receive benefits.

What are the requirements of the weekly unemployment certification in South Dakota?

Any unemployment EDD application requires you to file a weekly certification, which must be sent in every week you wish to receive benefits. It will ask about any changes in income or hours worked. Applicants are required to make two separate work contacts per week, and to provide information about them. The weekly certification can be filed through the Interactive Voice Response system using a touch-tone phone, or through the Internet.

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation has some discretion, but unless you have a reasonable excuse, you must do three things to continue meeting qualifications for unemployment:

  1. Continue to search for work.
  2. Register with the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation unemployment office.
  3. Make a record of your work search efforts and submit it with your weekly certification.

Registration with the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation unemployment office does not count as one of your work search contacts, which must be independent of any state job program or unemployment agency.

To keep eligibility for unemployment benefits in good standing, you will also be expected to take offers comparable to what is typical in your line of work. You are exempt from searching for work if you are granted a waiver. Most waivers are given in cases of labor disputes or disability due to workplace injury.

What Could Disqualify My Unemployment Claim in South Dakota?

Your unemployment insurance claim could be disqualified for:

  • Not reporting any additional earnings
  • Having an employer dispute your reason for termination
  • Not including the details of your work search activities in the weekly certification
  • Not including the weekly certification on time
  • Not registering with the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation

Applicants may seek out work in other areas if their stay is not extended. If a recipient leaves the current address for more than two weeks, he or she must immediately reopen the unemployment claim with the local unemployment office to advise them of the new temporary address.

Can I Appeal If My Unemployment Claim Is Denied in South Dakota?

If you believe that your unemployment insurance benefits denial was made in error or without just cause, you may file an appeal with the state.