Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

Learn How To Apply For Unemployment Claims With Our Guide

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New Hampshire unemployment compensation extensions are only available during periods of high unemployment. The basic federal unemployment extended benefits program can cover up to an additional 13-week period.

During extremely high unemployment periods, some states offer a voluntary program that can pay for additional weeks. If a claimant were to qualify for both programs, the maximum amount of additional benefit weeks would amount to 20. However, not all states are eligible at any given time, and an unemployed individual cannot apply for extended benefits at any time.

Simply because a petitioner qualified for regular benefits does not mean he or she qualifies for extended benefits. This benefit can only be activated by the state and federal government, and claimants who may qualify will receive notice. Once notice is received, the claimant should follow instructions immediately in order to receive the unemployment benefits extension.

New Hampshire Unemployment Resources

Learn About Requesting an Unemployment Extension in New Hampshire

How can I extend unemployment in NH? The New Hampshire commissioner will determine if the state will participate in federal unemployment extension activities by providing its citizens with further benefits. The unemployment extension period can last up to 12 weeks.

In New Hampshire, unemployment rates equal or exceed 5 percent for a calculated time period. The United States Secretary of Labor determines these percentages, and the commissioner must adhere to them. The rate of unemployed insured individuals is determined by dividing the average weekly number of unemployed individuals by the most recent 13-week period.

The amount of the federal unemployment extension would be determined by the regular benefits an unemployed insurance claimant is currently receiving if approved for extended benefits. Extended benefits are given to unemployed individuals who have exhausted regular benefits.

This means that all the regular benefits offered to the claimant have been paid. The commissioner will turn the extended benefit period indicator ‘off’ when the requirements are no longer met in accordance with the U.S Secretary of Labor. The state commissioner will make proper announcements for either case.

How to Apply for an Unemployment Extension in New Hampshire

The eligibility requirements for an unemployment compensation extension in New Hampshire are similar to regular unemployment benefits eligibility. Those curious about how to get an unemployment extension in NH will find solace in the fact that the procedure does not differ from the initial process.

Failure to apply for and search for work is a disqualifying factor. Inaccurate record keeping and refusal of suitable work can also disqualify an unemployed individual from maintaining extended unemployment benefits.

The unemployment extension process requires the applicant to be actively seeking full-time work as one of the stipulations for eligibility. When actively seeking employment, the candidate must be qualified to perform the work and must be available to work in the event he or she is offered a job.

An unemployed individual actively looking for work should use any method available to them, including looking:

  • In the newspaper.
  • Online and via email.
  • By making calls to employers.
  • In person.
  • For employment by all available methods.

A UI petitioner is advised to follow up with previous job contacts and make new employer contacts each week. One may opt to reach out and network with friends, family and former coworkers.

Always have a complete work history to help fill out applications. Temporary and part-time jobs cannot be ruled out because many times they become permanent positions.

Proper record keeping is crucial to maintaining the unemployment benefits extension in NH. When a UI petitioner returns to work, federal unemployment extension benefits will be adjusted, and he or she needs to immediately report work status to the NH employment office.

It is a common mistake to wait until the claimant has received his or her first check to report a new job to the department.  The unemployment benefits may run up to the first week the claimant begins employment. It is crucial to properly report a new job and not continue to file unemployment benefits after beginning work and not until you receive your first check, as this will likely be considered fraud.

An unemployment insurance beneficiary should take immediate action upon receiving notice of the possibility for receiving an unemployment benefits extension. A claimant should continue searching for adequate work.

He or she must also continue to report any changes to the New Hampshire Employment Security office. The employment development department (EDD) is a federal program that ensures beneficiaries receive all eligible services. The EDD offers several services aside from unemployment benefits.

Last Updated: February 28, 2023